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Tech + Africa Web Publication

Last week, a few colleagues and I started a publication called Tech + Africa.

We did this to have a dedicated channel focused on publishing original content from African techies, makers, DIY-ers, and researchers about tech entrepreneurship and making in/from Africa. I talk more about why we did this here.

I encourage you to read the first series of posts by a Ghanaian maker-entrepreneur about his visit to the 'Silicon Valley of hardware' - Shenzhen, China. He reflects on his personal development as a mechanical engineer turned maker-entrepreneur and what he learned about turning your ideas into products through the manufacturing system based in Shenzhen. He has some keen insights on the culture of open innovation in Shenzhen and how other makers like in him in Africa can collaborate to achieve their goals (some of which echo my thoughts on how innovation is talked about in Ghana in this previous post).

Happy reading and let me know if you have any comments.


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