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Seyram Avle [/ˈsɛi.rɑːm /ˈɑːv.lɛ] is Assistant Professor of Global Digital Media in the Department of Communication at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. 


Her research focuses on digital technology cultures and innovation across parts of Africa, China, and the United States. This work primarily takes a critical approach towards understanding how digital technologies are made and used, as well as their implications for issues of labor, identity, and futures. 


Dr. Avle received her PhD from the University of Michigan and her undergraduate degrees from Brandeis University. Her research has been funded by various institutions, including the National Science Foundation.


She is also a visiting fellow at Harvard University's Center for African Studies, an adjunct researcher at the University of Ghana's Center for Asian Studies, and a board member at the Afro-Sino Center of International Relations


Email: dr.avle [at] seyramavle [dot] com

Videos & Podcasts:

Youth & closing the innovation gap | Africa & Covid-19 

MSU Eye on Africa: Mapping contemporary (re)imaginations of a global Black diaspora


Harvard University Center for African Studies: Designing the south

SAIS-CARI: Reorienting tech transfer

Distribution Matters: Radio via mobiles in Ghana 


CHI 2016 talk: Design(ing) here and there